Energy Clearing

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Listen to this music to clear all negative energy out of your Nervous System, Space and Environment.  “Sonic Sage”
Track List Features:
A 5 Track album - 3 Instrumental tracks & 2 guided meditations designed with specific frequencies to clear negative energy all between 16-17 mins in length

Therapeutic Components:
  • Alpha Brainwave States
  • Spinal Frequencies
  • Sacred Geometry
  • Brain Entrainment Enhancing Frequencies
We are all physical manifestations of our own energetics. Perhaps you suffer from low energy, depression, negative thought patterns, physical or emotional pain. If you feel uncomfortable in your own home or work place, you probably would benefit from clearing your energy field, because what you can not see or smell may be causing many problems.

For centuries,indigenous cultures such as the Native Americans, Asians, and Buddhists have used various techniques to clear spaces and dwellings, as well as themselves. "Energy Clearing" is an audio recording able to create an energetically clear space without any of the usual odor or smells associated with mundane cleaning agents.

Our physical bodies are bombarded by over 100,000 artificial negative electromagnetic frequencies on a daily basis. All these frequencies exist in the same harmonic range as do the cells of our bodies. This creates confusion between the cells and can set up an internal environment for a state of stress. This stress can create disease and dysfunction. Our bodies can become altered due to negative energies of our surroundings. Likewise, our houses, apartments, workspace and other dwellings can also become altered due to the presence of negative energies or frequencies within them. 

"Energy Clearing" has a compilation of high frequency instruments which have been used for centuries to release and clear negative and altered frequencies. These are then combined with specialized harmonic frequencies that resonate with the geometry of nature and the body. "Energy Clearing" also uses ancient geometry and teachings from the indigenous peoples to provide a unique experience of sound and meditation. This will leave you and your dwelling free of all negative and altered energies. A new level of energy, harmony and rejuvenation will be very apparent to all who experience this new feeling within and around their bodies. You can use this CD whenever you feel out of sorts or uncomfortable in your space. 

Dr. Steven J. Schwartz is the founder of Bioharmonic Technologies. He has studied chronic illness and disease for the last 10 years using various vibration and sound techniques. "Energy Clearing" is the first in a 5 CD set called Tonal Alchemy and is intended to create specific therapeutic benefits. Please contact Dr. Steven J. Schwartz directly at with any questions.
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