Cellular Attunement

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Choose from 12 different emotional relationships you are wanting to help harmonize in your body.  Listening to all 12 tracks will create a full body journey towards emotional balancing.
Track List Features:
  • A 12 Track album - all between 5-6 mins in length

Therapeutic Components:
  • Advanced musical modes, notes, and octaves that correspond with different aspects of the body
  • sacred geometry subliminal programing for releasing and balancing
Emotions play such a huge roll in overall health and well-being. Unfortunately, emotions are one of the most challenging things to manage in our day to day lives. 

Are you aware that specific musical arrangements, played in specific octaves in specific notes can influence specific glands and energy centers in your body? These relationships are all incorporated into "Cellular Attunement". The Second Release from Bioharmonic Technologies, this CD was created specifically to assist in a therapeutic biofeedback system called The EVOX by Zyto. This amazing technology uses voice recognition software to identify and balance emotional and physical imbalances in the body. 

If you do not have access to The EVOX, do not worry, "Cellular Attunement" creates an amazing environment of emotional balancing as a stand alone CD. This CD even comes with instructional protocols on how to create the best emotional balancing experience. 

Emotional Balancing..........Relaxation...........Meditation............"Cellular Attunement". 

It is time for a change. Order this amazing sound healing product today and tomorrow begin creating a whole new you.
*This is a Digital Download*