Cell Cleanser

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Track List Features:
A 2 Track album - 20 Min Cell Cleanser and 30 Min Cell Cleanser. If you suffer from any kind of chronic illness, acute cold, flu, or suffer from any kind of inflammation of the body this is the music to listen too. If you are doing a cleanse or are looking to activate detoxification of your physical or emotional body - listen to cell cleanser.

Therapeutic Components:
  • Researched Frequencies to support pathogen release and other inflammatory activating triggers.
  • Theta Brainwave States
  • Sacred Geometry
The next generation of Bioharmonic Technologies Therapeutic Music, Cell Cleanser, helps support and stimulate detoxification of both the physical and spiritual body. 

Detoxification has been a foundational aspect of health for many centuries, with the earliest accounts being associated with colon hydrotherapy, dating back to the Egyptians in 1500 BC. The purpose of detoxification is to promote health, fight disease and promote personal and spiritual growth. The human body is bioelectrical in nature, which supersedes natural biochemical cascading pathways that exist in the body. Through specialized musical frequencies, brain wave states and mathematical ratios, the vibrational network of the body can be accessed to help promote cleansing at a cellular level. 

Physical illness, emotional instability, and lack of personal and spiritual growth all can be symptoms of toxicity trapped within one’s vibrational cellular network. The ability to purge unwanted toxins from the environment, past physical and emotional traumas, and past illnesses and infections can help support creating optimal thriving cellular ecology. Cell Cleanser from Bioharmonic Technologies provides a musical foundation that can be used as a standalone product or can be used in conjunction with other healing techniques, technologies and modalities to support better health. 

Cell Cleanser by Bioharmnonic Technologies was created to help cleanse the cell of toxins, create an internal vibrational environment to support a healthier, simpler lifestyle, and to aid in eliminating electromagnetic radiation, as well as acute and chronic infection. This musical project combines research from a number of different sources to help access and support change within the cells. 

Cell Cleanser by Bioharmonic Technologies has not been evaluated by the FDA in any way to support any above-stated claims. Cell Cleanser was not designed to diagnose or treat any condition or specific ailment and should not be used to replace any current medical treatment, as prescribed by your healthcare provider.
*This is a Digital Download*