BrainTap HRV

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Diagnostic Device used for measuring heart rate variability. This technology checks for a variety of neurological responses such as, sympathetic and parasympathetic response, psycho-emotional state, and adaptation receptivity.

This simple device delivers quality data that is easily interpreted for both the user and the recipient to understand. 


Clinical experience has shown that BrainTap HRV may be used to review a number of health parameters, and that the benefits include assessment of the following:

  • Autonomic nervous system
  • Neuro-hormonal system
  • Psycho-emotional state
  • Biorhythmic activity
  • Brain electrical activity
  • Meridians, chakras in relation to the endocrine system



  • ECG recording with real-time monitoring of functional state indices
  • Assessment of the state of cardiovascular and vegetative nervous system by means of variance analysis
  • Assessment of body’s Neuro-hormonal regulation and energy resources by means of Neuro-dynamic analysis
  • Assessment of current psycho-emotional state using the method of brain biorhythm mapping
  • Assessment of organism adaptation level and level of harmonization of biological rhythms using the method of fractal analysis
  • Determination of patient’s biological age
  • Simultaneous representation of two surveys’ results with a view of comparative analysis
  • Printout of survey results
  • The software and the hardware of Dinamika meets the standards of measurement, physiological interpretation and clinical use of cardiac intervalometry indices, adopted by European Society of Cardiology and North American Association for Electrophysiology.
  • Production facilities of Dinamika meet the quality standards ISO 9001:2008