Transformation and Abundance

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Track List Features:

A 3 Track album - 20 Min Transformation, 30 Min Transformation, 15 Min Abundance. Music for setting intentions and finding clarity on how you want to transform your life. A sequence of Beta, Alpha, and Theta brainwave states.

Therapeutic Components:
  • Researched Frequencies for stimulating and activating Beta, Alpha, and Theta brainwave states
  • Phi Ratio & Schumann Frequencies
  • Sacred Geometry

Transformation and Abundance! Who does not want that? This specially developed therapeutic music project from Bioharmonic Technologies now offers this on one complete album.

What if you could create whatever you wanted in your life? Just like a genie, you have access to rapid manifestation of your hopes, dreams and desires. Have you ever given yourself permission to think and be as big as you want to be? The modern world consists of busy lifestyles, family, and work obligations, stress from our environment, and finances. If you are ready to create massive change in your life and start living the life of your dreams, then welcome to Transformation and Abundance Sonic-ceutical from Bioharmonic Technologies. 

The science of transformation is not as difficult as it seems. There are three components. A clear intention, a congruent vibrational resonance within the body to support the intention, and a mechanism to support the stimulation of the molecules of our cells to allow for our bodies to reorganize in a new reality that is in alignment with the specific intention. This is called “The Genie’s Lamp Phenomenon”. The Intention is the Genie. The body is the lamp and the mechanism of vibration activation is the rubbing process of the lamp to stimulate transformational change. 

Our bodies consist of trillions of cells and our cells are made up of infinite molecules that contain countless spinning electrons. These electrons are in constant movement. Their orientation directly corresponds to the way our physical bodies are expressed. If you want to change your life and the way your electrons orient themselves, incorporate Transformation and Abundance from Bioharmonic Technologies into your daily lifestyle. This Sonic-ceutical works with advanced music theory, sacred geometry, specific mathematical ratios, brainwave states and physiological frequencies. “Rubbing” of the genie’s lamp supports you in realizing your most powerful intentions.* 

To enhance your sonic-ceutical experience, listen to Transformation and Abundance through THE VIBE 3.1 or THE VIBE 3.2 
*This is a digital Download*