Full Body Neurological Entrainment Using Sound, Light, Frequency & Vibration

• Optimize Your Human Potential
• Reduce Stress & Increase Relaxation
• Release Shock & Trauma
• Boost Your Immune System
• Physical & Emotional Recovery

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VIBE 3.1

  • 4 Vibration Activation Centers
  • Thicker foam and a more ergonomic design
  • 250 Watt Body Vibration Amp
  • Dedicated Headphone Amp to Control Ear Volume
  • High quality upgraded headphones
  • Custom dedicated android tablet
  • New Bioharmonic Technology App for Apple & Android
  • Metal Frame

VIBE 3.2

  • 2 vibration activation centers
  • Thinner foam to accommodate bodywork/mobility
  • 100 watt body amp
  • Dedicated headphone amp to control ear volume
  • High quality upgraded headphones
  • Custom full spectrum range speaker
  • Custom dedicated android tablet
  • New Bioharmonic Technologies App.
  • Custom Travel bag
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VIBE 3.1 & 3.2 COMBO - 3.1

  • All Features Listed in VIBE 3.1 & 3.2

02 - Advanced Cellular Entrainment

The skin has the ability to affect pain, inflammation, temperature & cellular memory patterns through direct stimulation. V.I.B.E.S creates a deep level of relaxation and a rapid state of meditation as you lay in the field of harmonic sound, light, frequency & vibration.

03 - A Growing Library of Sonic-ceuticals

Sonic-ceuticals ™ from Bioharmonic Technologies are a unique recipe of modulated brainwave states, sacred geometry, and natural signatures combined with world instruments to create a deeply therapeutic and musically pleasing experience.

why people love us


"This was outstanding. I just got over being sick and I asked about a treatment that would boost my immune system. I felt it!"

Michele Berk

"After taking my session on the VIBE, I can honestly attest that all my Military Combat Traumas has subsided, and I feel truly born again, from a molecular standpoint. Every human should try out the VIBE."

Clinton Brian

"I was having all these visualisations, my body was vibrating at a much higher frequency, my skin was tingling. I just felt really blissful and like I was having an emotional release."

Kate H.

"I highly recommend to anyone who wants to help others during their healing journey and for their own healing process."

Anthony P.

"I could see and feel the energy going into my brain and healing fears that I had. When I was done I felt my heart and my mind balanced out."


"I don’t think I’ve ever experienced anything so healing my entire life beyond the birth of my child."


"Amazing! I feel rejuvenated, I feel so relaxed. Everything is vibrating at the right frequency."


"I was immersed immediately and got lost in the sensation of the bed and the music and I didn’t want to get up. I was so relaxed!"


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V.I.B.E. 3.1 - 90 lbs - V.I.B.E. 3.2 - 50 lbs


V.I.B.E. 3.1- 47x32x22 - Unpacked 6 ft x 4 ft unfolded. Ergonomic Shape - Perfect for any home, spa, wellness center or corporation.
V.I.B.E. 3.2 - 45x32x15 -Unpacked 6 ft x 4 ft unfolded. Flatter, Lighter, Lower profile - Perfect for any massage table, mobile use, or smaller spaces.

Library of protocols

Unlike other vibroacoustic systems that offer a very limited amount of protocols, we have a vast variety of Sonic-ceuticals ™ programs that can be played through the V.I.B.E. System. The V.I.B.E.S. is also fully compatible to play any other kind of music as well.

Hardware & Components

VIBE 3.1 - FEATURES: " 4 Vibration Activation Centers - 300 Watt Body Vibration Amp - Dedicated Headphone Amp to Control Ear Volume - Lightweight, custom mahogany wood acoustic headphones. - Custom Dedicated Android Tablet for iOS & Android - Metal Frame - Custom Bioharmonic Technologies App - Custom Travel Bag

Warranty & Support

We pride ourselves in offering the highest level of support to our customers. We offer a comprehensive 2 year warranty for the VIBE Systems and all components.


The V.I.B.E. System is different from other vibroacoustic products on the market because it provides the highest quality,full spectrum vibration at the most affordable price. Bioharmonic Technologies is committed to innovating and evolving vibrational technologies to help raise the vibration of the planet and harmonize humanity. 

We love our VIBE owners! 

Be a part of our growing global community that loves vibration, loves the planet and loves humanity. 

Come Vibe with Us! All are welcome! We are excited to have you join the vibroacoustic evolution revolution. 

TheV.I.B.E. Systemis great for personal home use, as well as to incorporate into spas, resorts, hotels, gyms, corporate wellness programs or holistic facilities. Vibrational sound therapy is a safe, effective and fun way to support yourself and your surrounding community physically, emotionally, and spiritually. 

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